Hysterical Heights Hospital Episode 9: "The Sinister Smoothie Sabotage"

A patient, a doctor and a nurse looking at the camera, close-up, with a text overlay "Hysterical Heights Hospital"
Hysterical Heights Hospital Title Screen


[Theme music plays, accompanied by a montage of various hospital scenes featuring the hospital staff in silly situations, all ending with the same patient, MR. MORTIMER, dying in a new, absurd way each time.]

EPISODE 9: "The Sinister Smoothie Sabotage"

[DR. FUMBLE enters MR. MORTIMER's hospital room, slipping on a puddle of smoothie as he enters. MR. MORTIMER lies in bed, bloated and surrounded by empty smoothie cups.]

DR. FUMBLE (crashing into the room) Mortimer! What fruity fiasco has befallen you this time?

MR. MORTIMER (groaning) Doc, I tried every smoothie from the new juice bar, but now I'm so bloated I feel like I'm going to burst!

NURSE NUTTY enters the room, wearing a fruit-themed outfit and carrying a large syringe.

NURSE NUTTY (concerned) Dr. Fumble, we need to relieve Mortimer's bloating before he explodes like a smoothie-filled balloon!

DR. FUMBLE (nodding) You're right, Nurse Nutty! Let's get to work!

[NURSE NUTTY and DR. FUMBLE start treating MR. MORTIMER by gently massaging his abdomen, trying to reduce the bloating. NURSE NUTTY prepares the syringe to extract some of the excess smoothie from MR. MORTIMER's stomach.]

MR. MORTIMER (sighing) Thanks, doc. I'm starting to feel a little better already.

[Just as MR. MORTIMER starts to recover, the syringe accidentally malfunctions, injecting a mix of air and smoothie back into his stomach, causing him to inflate like a balloon.]

NURSE NUTTY (panicking) Oh no! The syringe malfunctioned, and Mortimer's inflating!

DR. FUMBLE (alarmed) Quick, Nurse Nutty! We need to release the pressure before he floats away!

[NURSE NUTTY and DR. FUMBLE attempt to deflate MR. MORTIMER, but it's too late. MR. MORTIMER floats up to the ceiling and, with a loud pop, meets his end as the hospital staff look on in devastation.]

DR. FUMBLE (tearfully) Mortimer... we couldn't save you from your fruit-filled fate.

NURSE NUTTY (sadly) He truly became one with the fruits.

[The camera pans out as the hospital staff gather in the room, mourning MR. MORTIMER's death, while "Strawberry Fields Forever" by The Beatles plays softly in the background.]