Hysterical Heights Hospital Episode 14: "The Origami Overload"

A patient, a doctor and a nurse looking at the camera, close-up, with a text overlay "Hysterical Heights Hospital"
Hysterical Heights Hospital Title Screen


[Theme music plays, accompanied by a montage of various hospital scenes featuring the hospital staff in silly situations, all ending with the same patient, MR. MORTIMER, dying in a new, absurd way each time.]

EPISODE 14: "The Origami Overload"

[DR. FUMBLE enters MR. MORTIMER's hospital room, accidentally poking himself with an origami crane. MR. MORTIMER lies in bed, covered in intricate paper folds, resembling an origami figure himself.]

DR. FUMBLE (tripping over paper) Mortimer! Folded again, I see! What's the crease this time?

MR. MORTIMER (grunting) Doc, I took up origami as a hobby, but I got so caught up in it, I accidentally folded myself into a human paper crane!

NURSE NUTTY enters the room, wearing a paper hat and carrying a giant pair of scissors.

NURSE NUTTY (laughing) Dr. Fumble, we have to unfold Mortimer before he becomes permanently pressed!

DR. FUMBLE (puzzled) But how do we reverse this origami nightmare?

NURSE NUTTY (holding up the scissors) I have an idea! We'll cut the folds, one by one!

[NURSE NUTTY and DR. FUMBLE begin carefully snipping the paper folds, slowly returning MR. MORTIMER to his original shape.]

MR. MORTIMER (squirming) Ow! Be careful, Nurse Nutty!

DR. FUMBLE (focused) Hold still, Mortimer! We're almost there.

[Just as MR. MORTIMER returns to his normal form, a gust of wind blows through the open window, causing hundreds of origami animals to fly into the room and swarm around MR. MORTIMER.]

NURSE NUTTY (shouting) It's an origami stampede!

DR. FUMBLE (panicking) We need to protect Mortimer! Nurse Nutty, get the industrial-strength fan!

[NURSE NUTTY and DR. FUMBLE switch on the fan, blowing the paper animals out of the room. However, the fan's powerful wind accidentally folds MR. MORTIMER into an origami airplane, which soars out the window.]

MR. MORTIMER (screaming) Doc! Help! I'm flying away!

[NURSE NUTTY and DR. FUMBLE watch in horror as MR. MORTIMER disappears into the sky, unable to save him.]

DR. FUMBLE (tearfully) Mortimer... we let you down once more.

NURSE NUTTY (sadly) He always wanted to fly, Dr. Fumble... just not like this.

[The camera pans out as the hospital staff gather in the room, mourning MR. MORTIMER's death, while "Paper Planes" by M.I.A. plays softly in the background.]