Hysterical Heights Hospital Episode 10: "The Terrifying Time Travel Trip-up"

A patient, a doctor and a nurse looking at the camera, close-up, with a text overlay "Hysterical Heights Hospital"
Hysterical Heights Hospital Title Screen


[Theme music plays, accompanied by a montage of various hospital scenes featuring the hospital staff in silly situations, all ending with the same patient, MR. MORTIMER, dying in a new, absurd way each time.]

EPISODE 10: "The Terrifying Time Travel Trip-up"

[DR. FUMBLE enters MR. MORTIMER's hospital room, stumbling over a tangled mess of wires and cables. MR. MORTIMER lies in bed, disoriented and wearing clothes from various time periods.]

DR. FUMBLE (crashing into the room) Mortimer! What chronological chaos has ensnared you this time?

MR. MORTIMER (confused) Doc, I tried to invent a time machine to escape my endless hospital visits, but now I'm stuck between different time periods!

NURSE NUTTY enters the room, wearing a lab coat covered in gears and carrying a futuristic-looking device.

NURSE NUTTY (worried) Dr. Fumble, we need to synchronize Mortimer's time signature before he's lost to the ages!

DR. FUMBLE (nodding) You're right, Nurse Nutty! Let's get to work!

[NURSE NUTTY and DR. FUMBLE use the futuristic device to try and stabilize MR. MORTIMER's time signature, causing him to flicker between various historical outfits and backgrounds.]

MR. MORTIMER (sighing) Thanks, doc. I'm starting to feel more stable already.

[Just as MR. MORTIMER starts to recover, the device malfunctions, and a burst of energy sends him spiraling through time, causing him to age rapidly before their eyes.]

NURSE NUTTY (panicking) Oh no! The device overloaded, and Mortimer's aging at an alarming rate!

DR. FUMBLE (alarmed) Quick, Nurse Nutty! We need to reverse the process before he's lost to time!

[NURSE NUTTY and DR. FUMBLE attempt to reverse the aging process, but it's too late. MR. MORTIMER ages into an elderly man and dies from old age as the hospital staff look on in devastation.]

DR. FUMBLE (tearfully) Mortimer... we couldn't save you from the sands of time.

NURSE NUTTY (sadly) He lived a lifetime in just a few moments.

[The camera pans out as the hospital staff gather in the room, mourning MR. MORTIMER's death, while "Time in a Bottle" by Jim Croce plays softly in the background.]